Club Pilot Course

Club Pilot - Paragliding 4-5 day Course BHPA qualification as Pilot Qualified to fly unsupervised Advanced flying exercises Theory sessions Modern Paragliders Expert instruction

Club Pilot - Paragliding 4-5 day course

  • BHPA qualification as Pilot
  • Qualified to fly unsupervised
  • Advanced flying exercises
  • Theory sessions
  • Modern Paragliders
  • Expert instruction

CP is the final stage of learning within a school environment, classed as a real pilot with the ability to spread your wings around the UK (or world?), flying other sites, networking and joining local clubs. 
There is no longer a need to book for flying days, allowing flying at leisure.

Welcome to paragliding!!

The CP course teaches many advanced skills, including: soaring the skies to reach 500ft plus; using ridge and thermal lift; landing back on top of the hill (no more walking back up after every flight); Flying faster; active air control; rapid & safe emergency descent/recovery and sharing the airspace with pilots other gliders.

Much like the EP course there are lectures (4 x 40 minutes) covering Metrology - Airlaw/Airmanship - Theroy of Flight- followed by a 45 minute exam, 70% being the pass rate.

Specific Syllabus Steps, following on from PHASE 5 (EP)

PHASE 6 (Pre-soaring)

  • Refreshment EP
  • 180 Deg turns
  • Planned approaches

PHASE 7 (Soaring)

  • Soaring flight
  • Top landings
  • Flying with others

PHASE 8 (Improving Skills)

  • Exploring the speed range
  • Foot accelerator systems
  • Forward and reverse launches
  • Slope landings
  • 360 deg turns

PHASE 9 (Instability and Emergencies)

  • Uderstanding instability
  • Active flying
  • Rapid descent methods
  • Big ears
  • Asymmetric tuck

PHASE 10 (Theory and Exam)

  • 4 Theory lectures
  • EP exam

A Club Pilot course costs £599.
Book 10 CP Courses and the 10th goes free, or you can share the saving.

If any days are cancelled due to bad weather you can book another date and will not lose any credit.

You need to call at 21:00hr the evening before to get an update on the weather conditions and a start time for the following day.

You need to be ready and prepared to be here at 07:00hr onwards pending your instructors announcing of your start time. Please make sure you are wearing boots, casual clothing, and you have food and drink with you for the day. We have a toilet block and hot drinks available.

Weight and Age
The minimum age limit for a paragliding fun day is 14. Under 18's need parental consent to undertake the course

Due to restraints of each glider, there is an upper weight limit of 23 stone.

You must be in good health, and reasonably fit. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Other considerations
All course credit will remain for 12 months from purchase/the duration of course completion.
Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The flight/course must be booked within this time period. No refund or extension will be given for expired vouchers. This cannot be negotiated.

Green Dragons are open 7 days a week, all year round. And yes we do fly in the winter! Some of our best training days are held during the winter.



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