Emergency Parachute Repack


Emergency Parachute Repack

Did you know?

  • 1 in 5 parachutes has a fault

  • 1 in 10 parachutes would not have opened

When was your equipment last serviced by a professional?  Do you still think your parachute is fine? 

Give yourself piece of mind and get your equipment serviced. 

Over the past 30 years we have gained much experience to provide a very detailed inspection of your Glider and parachute.  All our gliders and parachutes are pre booked in on a Monday and are completed by the following Friday. (Except where parts have to be ordered) Emergency Parachutes normally only take 3 days. Our team are experienced and qualified BHPA Parachute Repackers.

 We also run our very own collection service where our mini bus is travelling around the country collecting your equipment and redelivering it two weeks later. You must be aware that ordering specific spare parts could slow down the redelivery of your flying Equipment. .

During the service we check all aspects of your glider for faults, including lines, fabric, cell walls, risers, strength, porosity, line attachments for paragliders, and full strip down services for hang gliders.

Parachutes will be aired for 24 hours (reason why we don't offer while you wait repacks) then inspected and tested before being repacked if ok.  Parachutes that fail will not be repacked.  We will not repack parachutes over 15 years old.  We find a lot of faults on parachutes, mainly from DIY packs, pilots thinking they can do it themselves, as it looks easy!  There is a lot of safely checks and procedures, that if missed may render the parachute useless.  Be careful, its your last chance, let a professional give you the best chance.

Please telephone our specialist before hand should you have any questions and to book your Parachute in.


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