Karpofly Fantom Extra Light
Karpofly Fantom Extra Light
Karpofly Fantom Extra Light
Karpofly Fantom Extra Light
Karpofly Fantom Extra Light

Karpofly Fantom Extra Light

We are happy to present you our new model from FANTOM harnesses line. It is harness called FANTOM extralight. During this harness development our main priority was to lower the harness weight at minimum with using high quality strong materials. We used material Cordura 180g/m2 for the harness and for the cocoon - neoprene thick 3mm (neither thin nylon material nor thin stretch material).
Certainly we would be able to lower the harness weight more but in this case we would have to use thinner (low grammage materials) what would turn out in decreasing the harness lifetime. Therefore we decided not to compete in receiving the lowest weight and we kept the weight on nice 3 kilograms for the size S. Still, the biggest advantage is the harness´ compactness and safeness.


Thanks to the unique INFLATABLE protector it is incredible how small package is made from the cocoon harness. Harness FANTOM extralight, after blowing the air out of the protector, is packed into the case of sizes: length 37cm, width 13cm and height 34cm what makes unbelievable 16,35 liters’ volume. When we realize that we consider cocoon harness made from the strong and firm materials and with protector, the compactness of the FANTOM extralight harness is excellent.


And in the field of safeness, INFLATABLE protector plays first violin. Thanks to its unique features and extremely light weight, we afforded to spread the protector on the whole harness length. In this way INFLATABLE protector protects the pilot´s seat and his back altogether at the same time what is not obvious standard at such light harnesses types.
Rival companies use standard foam protectors and their modifications. In order to receive lower weight, protectors have to be shortened and the result of this is lowering the pilot´s safeness. It is quite standard when the protector protects the seat only and the back is beside protection.
This unsafe solution cannot be found in FANTOM harnesses range. We care of your safeness very much and we manage to produce the harness that is as light as safe for you. The proof is the tests results when INFLATABLE protector beats standard protectors with class difference.


The harness is designated for pilots who are looking for:

• Light harness
• Comfortable harness
• Harness with above-standard safeness (FANTOM extralight is the most safe harness in its category)
• Harness made from high quality materials with high grammage (material of high grammage increases the harness lifetime)


INFLATABLE protector can be compared with air mattress that you play with on the dam or sea waves. INFLATABLE protector is made in the shape of paragliding protector.
You simply blow the INFLATABLE protector up through the blowing tube before the start like the above mentioned air mattress. After blowing it up, the INFLATABLE protector is ready to protect your back in case you will need it.
After you land, you simply unlock the valve and you pack your glider. During packing your glider, the air is going out from the INFLATABLE protector little by little. After your glider is packed, push the air out of the INFLATABLE protector and the harness is ready for packing into the backpack.
You will be shocked with the harness volume and you will think if it is really possible to have cocoon harness so small. YES, it is possible thanks to KARPO FLY invention that is called INFLATABLE protector!!!
Attention! Please do not misplace the INFLATABLE protector with air-bag protectors that are blowing up with the air after the start and that are used in the 2in1 harnesses types. These air-bag protectors do not have anything common with INFLATABLE protector beside the fact that both are filling in with air but every in different way.
Whereas INFLATABLE protector is blown up before the start and gives immediate protection and you are protected immediately, air-bag protector is blown up after the start and it takes cca 5 seconds (if it is blown up at all) what means that during first moments after start you are without any protector!!!
Type: FANTOM extralight
Sizes: S - 150-165 cm, M - 165-180 cm, L - 180-195 cm


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