A light but strong design, weighing just 3.3kgs in the M size Ideal glider for hike&fly adventures at home and abroad Easy to pack even in tight spots, using either the new UP Parasleeve or any traditional method Very easy launching in all conditions, to make your para-alpinism adventure safer and more fun Minimalistic but very efficient risers made from a combination of Kevlar-reinforced 12mm Nylon webbing and Dyneema cord Glide performance to make those big valley crossings in real conditions a breeze New Generation Aerofoil (NGA) for a solid leading edge and great penetration in turbulence Very stable even at top speed due to our Nylon Front Section Support system (FSS) Precise, linear handling similar to the high- performance UP models C-riser controllable 2. generation Brakeline Tensioning System (BTS2) for better handling with less line consumption Mini-rib canopy construction Light and efficient speed system with RonstanTM pulleys Double 3D panel shaping technology – less wrinkles, less drag Half-moon shaped cell openings - maximum leading edge integrity, minimal drag Safe, predictable flare to make landing in a tight spot easy and relaxing 3 sizes, covering hook-in weights from 65kgs to 120kgs**

The new UP Lhotse (EN B) sits between the UP Kibo and the UP Summit XC Series in the UP model range - but as a lightweight hike&fly and adventure glider it is so much more than just a new mid-level EN B wing!

In order to be able to concentrate on the adventure at hand, you need a wing that won't let you down in any way. The new UP Lhotse is such a wing; it has all the performance you need for long XC adventures in the backcountry regions of our beautiful planet, it is built light, and it is tough enough to withstand the challenges out there.



  • SIZE  S  M  L
    Surface area flat  22,8  24,8  26,9
    Surface area projected  19,2  21  22,7
    Flat span  11,5 12,0 12,5
    Projected span  8,9 9,3 9,7
    Flat aspect ratio    5,7
    Projected aspect ratio  4,1 
    Number of chambers  49 
    Total line length incl. brake  253 265 275
    Total # of lines incl. brake  138 
    Glider weight  3,0 3,3 3,6
    Certification category LTF/EN B LTF/EN B LTF/EN B
    Total takeoff weight  60-90* 75-100* 85-120*  


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Condition New