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  • Paramotor Club Pilot Course

    Paramotor Club Pilot Course

    Minumum 12 flight on your own equipment, where you fly to 1000ft, 2km cross country basic navigation flights,minumuim of 6 x  20 minute flights. Once Paramotor Club Pilot Qualified you an come and go as a club member flying unsupervised. Along with flying with BHPA Coaches across the Globe, once you reach the next level Paramotor Pilot you can enjoy the total freedom of the skies flying unsupervised with all you club members across the globe
  • Paramotor Elementary Pilot

    Paramotor Elementary Pilot

    Minimum 20 flights, on our Equipment, you still need to carry on training with qualified Instructors only until you have completed Paramotor Club Pilot course.
  • Paramotor Hire - Bulldog - Parajet - Motoroma

    Paramotor Hire - Bulldog - Parajet - Motoroma

    Hire if for qualifield Club Pilots and above or personel under top up days with Green Dragons Instructors. Cost minimum £45 per hour, subsequent hours same day £25, £1000 deposit is required.
  • Paramotor Pilot Course

    Paramotor Pilot Course

    You will fly together cross country with Instructors and coaches. Includes one years club membership, In-depth Theory Lessons about meteorology, air law, navigation, Guiding, briefing debriefing for cross country flying for 10 hours airtime.
  • Paramotor top up

    Paramotor top up

    Paramotor top ups, are based on further progression days typically minimum 3 flights, ground training revision in all areas