UP Alpine Reversible


UP Alpine Reversible

The Alpine is UP's new reversible harness, made for pilots for whom even, say, a Nanga is just way over the top heavy and bulky. By building the harness into the paraglider backpack the designers have accomplished something of an egg of Columbus in that the main achilles heel of lightweight harnesses (passive safety) has been fixed without adding weight or bulk to the total package - even with a super lightweight kit you'd still need the backpack to carry it in, so why not put it to good use?
On the Alpine, the backpack doubles as an inflatable airbag, providing good back protection, and in combination with the airbag under the seat in fact excellent overall protection.
When in flying mode the Alpine is a sublimely comfortable harness that'll keep your body fit even for prolonged vol bivouac adventures - or you could use it for travelling, where weight and bulk is almost always an issue.
Note that the Alpine does not have an integrated reserve container - it makes sense to combine it with the UP Profile Light reserve parachute, which conveniently attaches to the main 'biners.
We deliver the Alpine with our own lightweight alu 'biners.

The Alpine is available in 3 sizes, covering pilot sizes from <170cm to >180cm.


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