Our Flying Passion and Pedigree is very much a family and many of our customers say we have created a business-club as a "Life Style" and with this in miond and our continous passion we provide a service second to known in product knowledge making sure you get tht e best and uptodate option money can buy.

We have been advicing 1000's of customers dating back to the 50s and 60s where our founder member was a Milatary parachute and outdoor instrcutos.

Les' sons Mike and Andy soon started flyuing in many competitions during the 80's nwinning many national tiltles to this current day with now World Eurpean and record braking British records. This unrivaled knowledge has been a major contibution ensuring with are upto date in all the equipment we sell.

Our advice knowleage allows you to pay with all modern cards and payments methods along with the old fashion methods too.

We also have a Forum where our customers - members and spoonsored pilots have their unbasied say about all the equipment we provide.

The dedication and experience powers us above our fellow flying competitors.